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Toxic Chemicals in Cord Blood from Newborns

 Your baby is born into a world of toxins and this starts in utero. When the Environmental Working Group tested cord blood of ten mothers, they found over 232 different chemicals that were being passed from mother to baby. Babies were born with a full dose of toxins, many of them capable of causing cancer, asthma, autism, and attention deficit disorder.

Protecting your baby from absorbing as many toxins as possible is the key to keeping him or her healthy into adulthood. And protection starts with providing an organic mattress for your baby.

The reason why this is so important is because out of all the possible things in our environment that contain high levels of chemicals, traditional mattresses rank highest. By law, flame retardants have to make up a certain percentage of the ingredients, as a “protective” mechanism from flash fires. These flame retardants are made with ethers called PBDE for short (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). PBDEs accumulate in the environment and are passed from one place to another through dust. They are inhaled. Mothers can pass them to the baby in utero and via breast milk. They are carcinogens and break down the immune system.

The best way to protect a baby that has already been exposed to these chemicals is to help them avoid these toxins any further. Babies spend 2/3 of their first year sleeping and should do it in a safe and healthy place. Organic mattresses are worth every penny when sorting through the list of items to buy before he or she arrives. Your child's health depends on it. Let's reverse some of the damage our generation has suffered by avoiding these chemicals with our children.