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RockaBye Organics was started out of my love for organics and my children. I try to live my life in as natural and organic a way as possible. Like most moms, I always put my children first and look out for their well being daily. I cannot imagine a more important purchase for your baby than their sleeping surface. I have coslept with my kids (still do), sidecarred the crib, had a cosleeper, and tried most of the ways to sleep with newborns (through 4 year olds). I want to offer all of the ways for your child to sleep organically.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and babies spend most of their days sleeping in their first year. Let us help you make the right decision for you and your little one. They are worth it!

:-) Samantha Stack

Rock a Bye Baby,

On the treetop,

When the wind blows,

The cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks,

The cradle will fall,

And Mommy will catch you,

Cradle and all.

~I hope you will adopt my version of this song. It makes my oldest smile every time.