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Learn About: Holy Lamb Organics

logo-high-transparent-sm.gifHoly Lamb Organics is a small manufacturing business dedicated to creating exceptional natural bedding products. They use sustainable practices and permaculture principles in every step of production.  

  • 100% Zero Waste of Their Manufacturing By-Products: They reuse, recycle, or compost all the materials used in production. None of these precious raw materials ever enters a landfill. Why is this so vital? Because, there is "no away". For example, their smallest scraps of thread, wool and fabric are all composted using a vermiculture system (worms!) or used as the bottom mulch layer for paths in our community garden. Larger and more useful scraps are placed in their Free Bin to giveaway or donate to schools who use our scraps to make dolls and other creative projects. For example, the Brightwater Waldorf School in Seattle used the fabric scraps that come from the Nursing Pillow production, to make sails for boats that they floated down a river.

  • Commitment to Sustainable & Organic: They offer only a line of natural holylamb2.pngbaby bedding products. They never use any synthetics. They are not a big company who is offering just a "natural" line of bedding. They actually only use organic cotton fabrics as cotton is one of the top 3 most heavily sprayed crops in the world. They also use the best and top of the line wool . All of their wool is grown by small U.S. sheep farmers who are part of the Premium Eco-Wool Program.

  • Chemical & Scent Free Facility: For the health of their employees as well as for the quality of the products they produce, their facility is a chemical and scent free environment. They use only natural, mild, bio-degradable soap to clean their shop. Employees come to work scent free and abstain from wearing perfume, cologne, scented hand creams, etc.

    This is a fabulous company and we are proud to offer their high quality handmade, organic baby bedding products.