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Studies Reveal a Link Between SIDS and Mattress Off-gassing

Studies Reveal a Link Between SIDS and Mattress Off-gassing
Researchers worldwide have invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars studying Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The good news is that New Zealand may have found the solution for SIDS.
Before you learn the solution, it’s important to realize some important facts about how SIDS is related to mattresses.
Between 1995 and 1999, more than 400 babies died from SIDS in New Zealand. In the U.S. between 1983 to 1991, the number of SIDS deaths ranged any where from 5000 to 6000. After the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that infants stop sleeping on their stomach, the SIDS rate declined to 4890 per year. With additional educational campaigns initiated across America, the SIDS death rate fell to 2648 by 1999. 

But babies continue to die from SIDS.
An English company, Rooney Laboratories Ltd., analyzed bedding that was used by babies dying from SIDS and found traces of phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony. Mattresses usually contain substances such as fire retardants or plasticizing agents containing phosphorus, arsenic and antimony; and whenever anyone sleeps on a mattress, skin cells are shed by the body. They can become organic matter for microbes to decompose.
When fungi interact with the fire retardants or plasticizing agents of mattresses, the chemical reaction releases toxic nerve gases such as phosphines, arsines and stibines. Once the gases are released, the process is called off gassing.
Phosphines, arsines, and stibines that are off gassing cause central nervous system stress that leads to death when the heart and lungs fail. SIDS occurs when the heart and lungs fail.
What Happens When Toxic Gases Off Gas
Mattress out gassing is a serious environmental hazard to infants and children. Off gassing uses up the body’s detoxification enzymes and if that child has not yet had a chance to build up strong detoxification ability, SIDS becomes a reality. The off gassed chemicals from the mattress accumulate to a high level and do this rapidly. This enzyme is responsible for sending nerve impulses to the lungs to keep the diaphragm working so the infant can breathe.
Whenever an enzyme is called upon to work double time, such as from the stress of out gassing in mattresses, the body will suffer. Sooner or later the enzymes can’t meet the demands placed on them and whatever their function was, that function stops working. This is how SIDS occurs.
Scientist Says There’s A Connection Between SIDS and Mattresses
Dr. Jim Sprott, a scientist and chemist in New Zealand states that the cause of SIDS is toxic gases generated from baby mattresses (off gassing). The growth rates of fungi increase every time a mattress is re-used by another baby and toxic gas production starts as soon as a baby begins sleeping on it.
When New Zealand health professionals wrapped baby mattresses in a cover that gases could not penetrate, they were essentially testing a new theory that SIDS and mattresses are related and that off gassing is a factor in the process. One hundred thousand babies slept on the new mattresses. Of 100,000 babies, not even one died from SIDS, proving a connection between SIDS and mattresses.
Before New Zealand parents began mattress wrapping, the country had the highest rate of SIDS in the world. Now, with no more off gassing of the mattresses, the SIDS rate has dropped to 0 in those using the specially-designed mattress cover. 
There’s new hope now that we may be able to prevent SIDS through safe sleeping pratices (no blankets, no pillows, etc.) and an organic baby mattress or wrapping your conventional mattress.