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What's Inside Organic Crib Mattresses?

What’s Inside Organic Crib Mattress?

With the rise of in-depth reports on the harm caused by flame-retardants, PCBs, plastics and glues in popular mattresses and bedding, it’s important to know that there is a viable and healthy alternative:  organic crib mattresses. These mattresses are also called natural crib mattresses or non-toxic crib mattresses when created for infants. Let’s get you up to par on what you should know about these organic mattress cores, which are the “guts” of the mattress.

The inside of an organic crib mattress is called its core. Organic mattress cores can be made from many different natural materials such as cotton, wool, mohair, coconut, and latex.The organic crib mattresses that we offer have the following cores: 


Latex crib mattresses are made from the rubber plant and are resistant to molds and mildews as well as dust mites. It’s the organic crib mattress core of choice for those with allergies. Sleep on a latex mattress is uninterrupted since the latex restricts motion and movement. Most importantly for babies is the fact that latex supports their growing bones while they sleep. Latex is also a great alternative to innersprings for many reasons. It is firm while also conforming to the body for full support and comfort. It absorbs the pressure on joints and bones and allows for a truly comfortable night sleep. Pediatricians recommend a firm mattress for proper bone growth while their spines and bones are still growing. Another important fact is that Latex is breathable and prevents heat and moisture from being a nuisance. This breathability allows for babies to regulate their temperature and not get as easily overheated. A perk to a latex mattress is how easy it is to change the sheets compared to an innerspring mattress. Innerspring mattresses are so stiff that it takes more effort to lift and maneuver, which can be even more difficult with a baby in your arms.

Coir (also known as Coconut Husks)

The Coir is one of the most breathable and natural organic crib mattress options. It is filled with coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. Coir is made from coconut husks which are coated in natural latex to make a supportive and breathable fibrous layer. The coir is then wrapped in a unique organic lambswool which is bathed in a mixture made from extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus making it completely anti-dust mite as well as maintaining the excellent thermal insulating properties of natural wool. 100% pure organic fillings, a perfect choice for babies & children offering gentle support and impressive ventilation and insulation. We offer the best organic coconut crib mattress in the world- the Coco Mat Organic Crib Mattress.


Horsetail Hair and Mohair

Mohair is used to make a luxurious baby mattress, offering a firm and supportive sleeping surface. Horsetail hair (the longest and most durable natural fiber in the world) forms the core of our mohair baby mattress. Horsetail hair is know for its ability to spring back to its original form, regardless of how long and how hard it has been compressed. The Queen herself sleeps on a mohair mattress. Silky mohair fleece wraps around the outside acting as a luxurious thermal insulator, helping baby regulate his temperature, resulting in a better night of sleep.


Our organic innerspring baby mattress is made with 260 coils of U.S. Steel to hold strong and not allow the mattress to sag in the middle from body impressions. Over the coils is a layer of fully quilted organic cotton batting for total stability. Then, this is covered with organically processed and certified (by Oregon Tilth) wool, which is quilted between two layers of organic cotton to keep it breathable. There are absolutely no chemical treatments in the process of the materials or the mattress iteself. Most standard crib mattresses (non organic) use harsh fire retardents which are very dangerous. In order to comply with the regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a mattress must be fire retardent. The only way to do this naturally is with wool. Wool is not only naturally fire retardent, it is also naturally antibacterial.

Since all of our mattresses use organic cotton and wool in them, we felt it important for you to understand why these are used and why organic is important in organic crib mattresses. Organic cotton farmers have standards they must follow that are decided by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. It is grown without harmful pesticides. The cotton first is spun into yarn and then is woven into fabric. Chlorine bleach is not used in the bleaching process; instead, hydrogen peroxide is used.

Traditionally, wool comes from sheep and traditional sheep farmers in New Zealand and Australia will often immerse their sheep in concrete vats that contain chemicals such as organophosphate pesticides to kill parasites or clean the wool before shearing. Organic wool does not use pesticides and is chemical and cruelty free.

 Will your baby sleep better on a natural organic crib mattress? The answer is yes. Choosing a natural organic crib mattress core is a matter of preference. But, any organic baby mattress choice you make, you are making an important decision to have your child sleep in a way that is chemical free, naturally insulating,  moisture-removing, and in a manner that is totally aligned with nature.